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20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever

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Published on 19 Jun 2018 / In Pets & Animals

From Monkey and Puppy Harmony to Dog and Cheetah Pals here are 20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever! Do you own any adorable pets?

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10 - Doggy and Fishy Tale
Judging from the look of adoration of that golden puppy's adorable face there's a long story here involving lots of triumphs and mishaps. Whether that be true or a fairytale in my head, it's easy to tell unconditional love when you see it. That carp fish is peering out of the water just for this one furry fella, who has his paws in the pond as a way of returning the obvious love affair.

9 - Kitty and Cat Match
What could be going on here? And why am I so reminded of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer? Never matter, the only thing important in this strikingly adorable image of animal companionship is how ridiculously cute these two furry buddies look! This photograph brings new meaning to the phrase I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

8 - Monkey and Puppy Harmony
This little canine baby appears to still have sleep tethered in those fur laced eyes, luckily his little furry monkey pal has his back. Not today human, my buddy here isn't done resting yet, we'll play another day, but not today. Some day's you have to look waking up in the face and say, not today!

7 - Chick and Squirrel Tenderness
This little red colored forest squirrel almost looks like he's telling a secret to that little yellow and white chick, could the two be in cahoots! When two little furry pals look so cute, it really doesn't matter if they might actually be planning some type of world take over does it. So precious.

6 - Horse and Kitty Amigos
Daw, farm love might just be the best love judging by this totally super cute photo of a horse and kitty cat getting all snuggly in the snowy outdoor weather. The horse seems to be a bit overly kissy in delivering those big wet sloppy smooches all over that friendly housecat, but this particular cat almost seems used to it. Just look at that little kitty smile grazing those whiskered lips, yeah buddy, love you too. So cute!

5 - Bunny and Puppy Chums
Daw! This picture hails from the Animal Society of Chicago where two rescued critters have become fast friends. That sweet little bunny rabbit is literally puckering up to this adorable canine companion. Looks like their mates for life. Sorry bunny, no kissing the pouch unless it's for life you know, in certain animal circles these two might even be married by this act of overly cute kissing frenzy.

4 - Lion, Tiger and Bear Love Oh My!
These lovable companions for life met inside the Noah's Ark Sanctuary which hails from the Georgia rescue center. What do you get when you add one black bear, one tiger and one lady lion? This lasting loving friendship meant for three has stood the test of time as the three are still best mates and are known most for all their adorable snuggles and cuddles in the sanctuary! Here’s definitely the red string of fate at work here, these three were rescued separately, but found each other and solace inside their new home and friendship. Aw! It’s so cute and touching. Don't you just love happy endings!

3 - Piggy and Tiger Buddies
These lovable little friends appear to be knee deep in naptime cuddles. That lovable little piglet has on her most adorable and precocious red bow, so she's all dressed up for her date with her stripped mate. The large sleeping feline appears to even have a suave smile grazing those white jaws. These two look to be best buddies. Proving once again that the friends who snuggle together, tend to stay together.

2 - Cat and Parrot Peeps
This image is just so sweet and endearing it actually may break the internet. There's something so charming about a resolving of differences, cats and birds are thought by many to be natural enemies, it's in their instincts to hunt and kill one another. And cats are especially vicious being one of the few species on this planet who choose to hunt for sport. But, like all things in this world, there are exceptions to every rule. These two pet best friends are a perfect example that anyone everywhere can be loving to one another if we simply try. Sweet sleeping kitty and lovable parrot pal, may you two always be together.

1 - Dog and Cheetah Pals
The cheetah's name is Kumbali and that Labrador retriever mix pup is named Kago and they just might be the cutest animal duo ever! The Metro Richmond Zoo determined that this cheetah cub wasn't receiving enough milk from her mother, so the zoo's staff intervened and began bottle feeding the little-spotted cutie pie. The pup was an adoptee from a pet rescue organisation and the staff put the two together so they would have companions. It took a little getting used to for both of them, but now the two are inseparable and thick as thieves. Dogs are often paired with cheetahs as dogs are well known to provide a calming influence over

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